Building Inspection & Construction

Building inspection and site surveys can be time consuming and expensive. Be that monitoring site progression, overseeing subcontractors work, site safety, examining structural condition or for general inspection of hard-to-reach areas. 

The use of drones offers huge benefits over traditional methods by both simplifying the processes making it more accessible and cost effective to an increasing number of applications.  This is why this emerging technology has been fully embraced by multiple industries across a variety of projects.  High quality aerial photos and video can be produced relatively simply within a short period of time, often without requiring direct access to the site.

Commercial & Residential Property (Estate Agency)

If you are selling or leasing commercial property, agents can now produce quality aerial photos and videos for their portfolio from offices, retail parks, industrial units to factories, farms or land.

Aerial photography shows the complete picture. Potential purchasers have clear insight of land boundaries, road access and car parks and surrounding areas, giving your marketing  the competitive edge against other commercial agents.

Increase the saleability of your residential property with aerial imagery. Houses and apartments that may look ordinary at ground level can be animated using aerial shots.

Give potential buyers an elevated “birds eye” view to make your property portfolio stand out from the crowd on websites like Zoopla, Rightmove and Prime Location.

Property developers are now using drones prior to construction or for planning applications as photography and videos offer a 360-degree aerial panorama of the site and show the proposed view from different floors. Elevate your marketing with drone photography.

Heritage and Historical Sites/Archaeology

Overhead images of sites of historical interest can be challenging and expensive to obtain. Drones provide a useful low-level aerial platform for obtaining images of monuments, historic buildings and archaeological sites.  Not only can drones provide dramatic illustrative photographs of sites, they can also create metrically accurate records for conservation and survey work .

Archaeologists can quickly determine the structure of a site without the need to pull on their wellies! The high resolution images offered by drone photography enables rapid analysis of potential archaeological sites.

Solar Farms/Agriculture

Farmers spend hours on quad bikes or from tractors visualising data that gives them limited information about the condition of their crop.  Precision agriculture is now affordable using drone technology. Our drones can easily view any given land area and turn it into actual data in a few hours.

Our cameras are modified to produce real NDVI agriculture imagery. NDVI is a vegetation index that compares conditions in various areas of crop including ground moisture, plant stress, weeds, crop disease and irrigation issues.

Sport, Travel & Tourism

Travel, tourism, sport and leisure activities can be showcased from a unique perspective using aerial photography. Marketing your hotel, golf course, stately home, sporting venue or tourist attraction with aerial photography puts you above the competition.

Filming as high as 120 metres drones are able to capture stunning footage over sea, beaches, coastline, rivers and countryside as well as urban areas.

In any digital marketing strategy, content is key and even more so video content.  Rise above your competitors and reach your desired audience faster. A stunning 10 second video could be all it takes to raise awareness and understanding of your products and services.

Using professional Adobe photo and video editing software we can tailor the results of your filming to suit your brand image.

We can collaborate with your existing marketing team or agency to enhance your desired media outcome.

As technology in this emerging field develops, the only limit is your imagination.

Wedding Photography

Maximise the grandeur and setting of your prized venue with aerial videography. This will set the scene for ground based photography and videography enhancing the story to follow.

Marine Photography

What better way to market your vessel than capturing the energy and excitement of a moving boat with stunning aerial footage. Dynamic imagery displays the boat in its natural environment doing what it’s designed to do and offers an appealing addition to static marina images. We can save you time and money combining still photography and aerial video shoots and offer a unique perspective.

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